The only constant is change…

DevelopmentI thought I was close to release 1.0.8 before Xmas, but too many changes prevented this from happening. I’ve now decied to publish another release candidate, to make sure the final version won’t create too many headaches. I’m going to Houston in a few weeks, but I’ll do my best to release 1.0.8 before that!

Download nedi-027 and simply use System-Files to update. I’d recommend initializing the DB, but if you’re updating from nedi-309 you’ll only need to recreate the monitoring table and modify the modules table like this: alter table modules add column modloc VARCHAR(255); (will be used in the future for distributed stacks).

Wait there’s more! NeDi has been used in a number of commercial monitoring solutions for a while now. As I want to improve this area, you’ll see the sponsors showing up here, so feel free to check them out and maybe find the comprehensive overall solution you’re looking for…

Last but not least, if you wanted to contribute to NeDi as a user, but have trouble to get company approval, look at the new Invoice Generator (Other-Invoice) 🙂

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