Spring Update

I’m excited to see the growing interest in NeDi. This leads to new ideas and unexpected developments in return! The new version will be capable of listing the top broadcasters and identify top discard ports (considerably important to identify bottlenecks in the datacenter). IPv6 support is on its way, as well as a snapshot feature, which lets you go back in time, or import another nedi db for (forensic) investigation! It’s actually easier than I thought. Many additional improvements like XLS export (which accidentally lead to some great theme enhancements!), sending SMS via chat and adding favorites to the liveunited.org admin message with one click of a button, complete the picture.

Threaded discovery is moreĀ  complex than expected, especially with perl on OpenBSD not supporting threads out of the box!

But other large scale network features like timezones for users and a master / agent architecture (via HTTPS) are under development as well…

Bear with me as I try to get all this into a stable package. And please use the share button below, if you like what you just read! There’s much more to come… I promise!

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