NeDi 1.5 Released

Finally, paying customers can download NeDi 1.5.225 now. This is another milestone in the evolution of NeDi! Introducing a brand new Policy System, allowing for dynamic PoE delivery for example.

It has been further optimised for large networks (in excess of 10’000 devices) and supports over 800 device types from 25 vendors now. Life-cycle management includes correlation with maintenance contracts and EoL information. Another example is the improved visibility of centrally managed fabric extenders (or leafs), with that you know how many ports are available in a particular rack.

The DB can be updated automatically coming from NeDi 1.4.300 or 1.5.038 beta. In fact NeDi is still under 4Mb in size and can be updated via browser within a few minutes!

For all NeDi 1.4 users, patch5 is available in the Download section now. It addresses some minor bugs and enhances a number of features.

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