Get your kicks on route to IPv6

Well, it’s funny how seemingly complex topics like multi-tenancy and database snapshots turned out to be surprisingly easy, where as stuff like IPv6 is creating more headaches than a bottle of schnapps (probably would)…

Trying to store those ludicrous 128-bit addresses in a DB, while  making them searchable and sortable is one thing! But it seems every vendor  likes to present IPv6 addresses in their very own way, what SNMP is concerned.

So there’s the obsolete ipAddrTable for IPv4, the new ipv6AddrTable and ipAddressTable to bind them all (or so). Now all those tables are mixed and matched as they come, making my head spin (without schnapps!). Oh, and of course some vendors notoriously prefer to keep them in enterprise MIBs… at least on their routers, but not switches!

NeDi is an effective/minimalistic tool and I try to keep it this way. So, the real challenge for me is to get all them addresses with the least SNMP transactions possible. Stay tuned, I’m working on it…

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