Final RC is here

Development I proudly present nedi-321 – the final release candidate for the nedi-1.0.9 version. Many changes and improvements made it in, so the final testing needs to be thorough!

Have a close look at the discovery (start without -v). Check for warnings on failed SNMP access (uppercase letters followed by a lowercase one). You can finetune this, by adding a retry value after timeout in nedi.conf. The discovery itself should come across a lot cleaner than before:

Discovery (1.0.8-321) /var/nedi/ -Aall -l10  at Sun Nov 17 12:53:41 2013
Device                          Status                          Todo/Done-Time
===============================================================================   c45-hci-e481  v193 i444    j1   p0 m11    a2|o0|b0|f0      535/1-7s   c45-rz-d22-a  v320 i570    j1   p0 m11    a2|o0|b0|f0      534/2-6s   c45-hsa       v230 i70   Jc j1 p0 m3   Ac a2|o0|b0|f0    533/3-3s   c45-bsb-f15-  v38 i193    j1   p0 m9    a2|o0|b0|f0      532/4-3s  c45-eta-f43-  v160 i37   Jc j1 p0 m2   Ac a2|o0|b0|f0    531/5-2s   c45-wep-j17-  v230 i103   Jc j1 p0 m4   Ac a2|o0|b0|f0    530/6-4s   c45-hia-z23-  v174 i71   Jc j1 p0 m4   Ac a2|o0|b0|f0    529/7-3s   c45-hpp-e22-  v237 i296    j1   p0 m7    a2|o0|b0|f0      528/8-3s   c45-ifw-b33-  v321 i476    j1   p0 m9    a2|o0|b0|f0      527/9-7s   c45-bsc-g235  v38 i71   Jc j1 p0 m4   Ac a2|o0|b0|f0    526/10-3s
Building nodes
END :Took 0 minutes

If you want to see more debug information add “x” to notify in nedi.conf. Read here, what it does…

Last but not least, you’ll find many changes in the GUI! Just look through the README and keep exploring! A highlight besides piecharts in reports and more charts in Monitoring-Timeline, definitely is the new D3js visualization in Topology-Map! Just start with changing the format from “png” to “json”. Use flat-mode, if you don’t have compatible SNMP location strings. Then play with Node-Type…

In the month of December you’ll be redirected to Other-Invoice instead of User-Profile. If I can raise enough funds this way, I promise to take NeDi to the next level! Bookmarked links won’t be affected, though.


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