It’s been exciting to enjoy summer at its best! Coding in the sun, just is more fun ūüėČ I replaced some old map features (no one was really using anyway), with stuff like animated maps using the powerful d3js library and OSM support (even caching maps), with weather information from OWM (in case you’re wondering[…]

Get your kicks on route to IPv6

Well, it’s funny how seemingly complex topics like multi-tenancy and database snapshots turned out to be¬†surprisingly¬†easy, where as stuff like IPv6 is creating more headaches than a bottle of schnapps (probably would)… Trying to store those ludicrous 128-bit addresses in a DB, while ¬†making them searchable and sortable is one thing! But it seems every[…]

Spring Update

I’m excited to see the growing interest in NeDi. This leads to new ideas and unexpected developments in return! The new version will be capable of listing the top broadcasters and identify top discard ports (considerably important to identify bottlenecks in the datacenter). IPv6 support is on its way, as well as a snapshot feature,[…]

Fall Update

Oh, it was great to visit Dubai, meeting a¬†NeDi user¬† and spend 2 weeks on a beach after that! Just a couple of days after coming back, I held the speech at the SNAG-View event in Hamburg. It was a great experience once more and Western union money order it’s time to get ready for[…]