NeDi Talk

Michael Schwartzkopff will have a talk about NeDi at the Open Source System Management Conference 2012. Too bad I can’t be there, but I hope it will be recorded. Here’s some more information from the speaker. It’s great to see, how NeDi still gets more popular!   I’m wondering how many people would be interested[…]

Fall Update

Oh, it was great to visit Dubai, meeting a NeDi user  and spend 2 weeks on a beach after that! Just a couple of days after coming back, I held the speech at the SNAG-View event in Hamburg. It was a great experience once more and Western union money order it’s time to get ready for[…]

SNAG-view Event

I’m very excited about the upcoming Sector Nord AG event on 17. November 2011 in Hamburg. It’s going to be a great opportunity to show the latest developments and how NeDi supports the SNAG-view management Western union money order system… Thanks to Sector Nord AG for inviting me and the great support!