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Development updates


d3js animated mapIt’s been exciting to enjoy summer at its best! Coding in the sun, just is more fun ūüėČ I replaced some old map features (no one was really using anyway), with stuff like animated maps using the powerful d3js library and OSM support (even caching maps), with weather information from OWM (in case you’re wondering why you can’t reach that remote site anymore). Beautiful Chart.js visualization complete the picture for various reports and interface statistics at a glance. I’ve not just been working on eye-candy, but also added info on unused access ports and whether a configuration has been saved after changing along its backup status in the DB.

Weather in Topology-TableNow, you can add nodes to monitoring and gain control over syslog behaviour in addition. With the upcoming feature to manually add devices, this is not really necessary anymore. Removing monitoring support for nodes altogether, would simplify my life and streamline NeDi a great deal. Please help me in making a decision on how nodes should be treated in the future, by voting in this poll.

Get your kicks on route to IPv6

Well, it’s funny how seemingly complex topics like multi-tenancy and database snapshots turned out to be¬†surprisingly¬†easy, where as stuff like IPv6 is creating more headaches than a bottle of schnapps (probably would)…

Trying to store those ludicrous 128-bit addresses in a DB, while  making them searchable and sortable is one thing! But it seems every vendor  likes to present IPv6 addresses in their very own way, what SNMP is concerned.

So there’s the obsolete¬†ipAddrTable¬†for IPv4, the new¬†ipv6AddrTable and¬†ipAddressTable to bind them all (or so). Now all those tables are mixed and matched as they come, making my head spin (without schnapps!). Oh, and of course some vendors notoriously prefer to keep them in enterprise MIBs… at least on their routers, but not switches!

NeDi is an effective/minimalistic tool and I try to keep it this way. So, the real challenge for me is to get all them addresses with the least SNMP transactions possible. Stay tuned, I’m working on it…

Spring Update

I’m excited to see the growing interest in NeDi. This leads to new ideas and unexpected developments in return! The new version will be capable of listing the top broadcasters and identify top discard ports (considerably important to identify bottlenecks in the datacenter). IPv6 support is on its way, as well as a snapshot feature, which lets you go back in time, or import another nedi db for (forensic) investigation! It’s actually easier than I thought. Many additional improvements like XLS export (which accidentally lead to some great theme enhancements!), sending SMS via chat and adding favorites to the liveunited.org admin message with one click of a button, complete the picture.

Threaded discovery is more  complex than expected, especially with perl on OpenBSD not supporting threads out of the box!

But other large scale network features like timezones for users and a master / agent architecture (via HTTPS) are under development as well…

Bear with me as I try to get all this into a stable package. And please use the share button below, if you like what you just read! There’s much more to come… I promise!

NeDi 1.0.7 Available

“Janus” can be downloaded here. In addition I’ve created NeDiO7 and a VMware ESXi build to get www.peluangusaharumahan.com started even faster!

The only DB change since rc1 (nedi-338) was due to Aruba Wlan controllers:

alter table modules change modidx modidx VARCHAR(32);

It might as well be ignored for now, since this is a work in progress anyways. If your installation has write access through the webserver, you can simply update via System-Files…

Janus Beta Available

If I was to use codenames, nedi 1.0.7 definitely should be called Janus…

But wait, it took me forever for 1.0.6 and only weeks after that I’m announcing a new version, you might ask? Yes, because besides being really busy at my regular job (still paying all our bills), I spent ridiculous amounts of time to rebuild a lot of the internal logic. The changes turned out to be more efficient than expected and multi-tenancy (hence Janus) was a small step for a man, one giant leap for the NeDi community!

BTW, while poking around in my code I had a feeling, which I recently found a name for…

Eagleson's Law:
Any code of your own that you haven't looked at for six or more months, might as well have been written by someone else. (Eagleson is an optimist, the real number is more like three weeks.)

Anyway…updating from 1.0.6 is easy. Just upload this archive with System-Files, if your webserver has write access to NeDi. Don’t forget to backup steelcase.com your config files! There’s a new option to set rrdsize in nedi.conf, but NeDi just uses 1000, if it’s not used…

If you see “view” on the bottom of the users table in System-Export (depends on which version you initialized the DB with):


Use Export with “alter table users change view viewdev VARCHAR(255);” like this:

Now you’re ready to test the curret beta, with many small fixes and multi-tenancy features…

Moving Right Along

The current release works very well so far! Even with additional collection of broadcast, discard and status of the interfaces, it’s faster than the old version! Besides that, it got a lot more robust and verbose.

This makes me very confident that we’ll see the next release rather sooner than later. But don’t worry, upgrading will be a breeze. It’ll even be possible Moneygram money order through the GUI! To make it worth while besides many enhancements and multi-tenancy features, I want you to share your thoughts on how you want to work with it every day. Thanks in advance galaxy-y-pro-duos.blogspot.in for making NeDi even better!