d3js animated mapIt’s been exciting to enjoy summer at its best! Coding in the sun, just is more fun 😉 I replaced some old map features (no one was really using anyway), with stuff like animated maps using the powerful d3js library and OSM support (even caching maps), with weather information from OWM (in case you’re wondering why you can’t reach that remote site anymore). Beautiful Chart.js visualization complete the picture for various reports and interface statistics at a glance. I’ve not just been working on eye-candy, but also added info on unused access ports and whether a configuration has been saved after changing along its backup status in the DB.

Weather in Topology-TableNow, you can add nodes to monitoring and gain control over syslog behaviour in addition. With the upcoming feature to manually add devices, this is not really necessary anymore. Removing monitoring support for nodes altogether, would simplify my life and streamline NeDi a great deal. Please help me in making a decision on how nodes should be treated in the future, by voting in this poll.