NeDi on a Cisco router

So far NeDi is doing its job on bare metal servers and all major hypervisors. But what if it’d run on a router? Sure, the first question might be, why on earth should a router discover itself? But how about remote offices with a number of clients, no server infrastructure and poor WAN connections?

If you have a Cisco IOS-XE device, you can get the special-built NeDiO14 OVA package from the download section. If you want to copy the image to the router via tftp, I suggest configuring “ip tftp blocksize 8192” and then copy it with “copy tftp://srvip/nedi.ova bootflash:”.

In order to see what’s going on, you can enter “terminal monitor”. Then you install it with “virtual-service install name nedi package bootflash:nedi.ova” and wait a few seconds. You can verify the status using “show virtual-service list”.

The OVA has a fixed IP address, thus the following configuration provides access and starts it at the end:

conf t
interface VirtualPortGroup 0
 ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet 1
virtual-service nedi
 vnic gateway VirtualPortGroup 0
 guest ip address
ip route VirtualPortGroup 0

In case you want to change it via console use “virtual-service connect name nedi console”, login with root/root and do so with “vi /etc/hostname.vio0”


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