Radiation, boxes and a cat!

Does it ring a bell? Unlike Schroedinger’s mine wasn’t actually part of the experiment! It came to visit me in the basement, while I was developing the WLC and MSM controller support. Aruba made it in there as well, thanks to a faithful community member down under, who was kind enough to hook up a controller to the internet for me! This and many other enhancements made it into NeDi 1.0.8, which can be tested with the release candidate. Simply update it via System-Files, initialize the DB and have fun exploring…

One big topic is IPv6, which needs to be enabled in the .def files of devices actually supporting it. Don’t worry though, the long awaited and very much overdue Defgen-Tutorial is out as well! You’ll also learn about NeDi’s new switch-stacking awareness and the beautiful rack-view feature!

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