July 11, 2014


Lets assume you can’t use a *nix machine. Wondering why on earth you have to dig around in some device manager to find the correct serial port assigned to the USB2Serial converter? Well, it’s 2014 and I’ve gotten too old for this 🙂

Save the text below as Serial.bat and put it (or a shortcut to it) on your desktop. Install putty or kitty and customize line 5:

@echo off
rem Author: Remo Rickli (C) 2014
rem Description: Always finds your USB Serial Port and launches kitty or putty
rem Configuration: Change line below to match your environment
set K="C:\Program Files (x86)\Kitty\kitty.exe"


find "Serial0" reg.txt > com.txt

echo Got this from registry:
type com.txt

for /F "skip=2 delims== tokens=1,2" %%A in (com.txt) do %K% -serial %%B

del reg.txt
del com.txt