Fall Update

Nedi is doing well, despite the unusual times we’re living in right now. I’m working on version 2.1 which will enhance network monitoring and management a lot. I’ll start working on new tutorials as well. If you’re curious about the current version, you can head over to the updated NeDi Demo.

NeDi 2.0

Finally! After more than 15 years of development, I can proudly announce a worthy two oh release! In addition I’m releasing 1.9 community edition as well. Last but not least, I’m providing NeDian20, which is a small Debian 10 appliance running NeDi 1.9C.

End of the NeDi 1.x Era

After 18 years of NeDi development, it’s time to move on to a 2.0 major release cycle. Looking back, it’s been a great journey so far. NeDi 1.9 is doing fine in our customer networks and 1.8C has been released to the public a few weeks ago. Version 2.0 is under heavy development and will[…]

NeDi 1.9 Released

A new milestone has been achieved! This version provides improvements in the the discovery algorithm, the device backup (adding comparison to saved configs) and many frontend enhancements!   The layer 3 map automatically adds a subnet-cloud, if more than 2 interfaces belong to the same network. New icons let you draw simplified maps for documentation[…]

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