Happy 2015

AnnouncementHope you all enjoyed the holidays and slipped elegantly into the new year!

2014 has been a very successful year for NeDi. Not only did the start of my company go extremely well, but I also had plenty of time to work on NeDi itself!

The 1st step was NeDi 1.4, which has been released to paying customers already. It will be available to the general public sometimes this spring…

Right now I’m working on NeDi 1.5 with many new features and enhancements! The GUI received a major rework (e.g. for HTML5 compliance) as well as an updated context help system.

A beta will be available in the customer area, as soon as I have it ready for testing. A 64-bit NeDiO ISO/VM is waiting in the starting blocks as well…

So, you see why I’m excited to start this year and wish you all the best in doing the same 🙂


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