August 11, 2011


Now it’s time to log in to nedi, with the default admin/admin account, if you haven’t already done so.

After some discoveries the nodes should be assigned to the correct switch ports and the graphs start showing up. Modules can be enabled/disabled and assigned to groups in nedi.conf. The default settings show device related tools to the left, node , report and monitoring stuff in the middle and user and other stuff to the right. A user only sees menus according to the assigned groups, which are:

Group Menu Description

Add, update and delete information as well as sending commands to devices (spread over several modules)

Devices, Topology Access device related modules, which cover realtime and topology aspects

Nodes Access node related modules, including tracking stolen nodes.

Monitoring Use the monitoring system. They’ll also be notified, if email and mobile# is set in the profile and notification is set accordingly

Reports Create and view reports and having some privileges like adding a single devie

Other Applies to every module in the Other menu, but can also be used to prevent using generic modules like phpinfo, if the user is kept out of this group

As you may have noticed, each module has an icon on the right side of the input form. If you hover over it, you see usage hints or a general description of it. More complicated forms display more information as you hover over certain areas (see Devices-Map for example).

You’ll find access to the context help and the print function (where available) on the top right corner, next to your login.

A printable representation of the population report, including the latest map to complete the picture.

Colored Times

An interessting feature is Age Shading ®  It visualizes timestamps in colors based on the retire settings in nedi.conf:

  • The greener the background (e.g. first seen) is, the more recent the event (it’s like a fresh fruit)!
  • The more red the background (e.g. last seen) is, the older the event (bright red is almost aged out).
  • The more blueish such fields are, the longer the timespan they describe (in other words its static kinda like the sea).



Most modules allow bookmarks to be set for easier, repeated access. So you can have your device list look the same, even though the actual data gets updated each day. The notebook icon on the top left allows you to append a link of the current view to the Admin Message. All you need to do is to replace the word “EDIT” with a meaningful name. Upon login you’ll land on User-Profile by default. This is intentional, since this page is accessible for all users and the only place where the Admin Message can be seen…

In case your devices don’t seem to be supported, have a look at expanding NeDi to fit your needs.

More GUI Impressions

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