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All that’s happening around here…

NeDi 1.5 Released

Finally, paying customers can download NeDi 1.5.225 now. This is another milestone in the evolution of NeDi! Introducing a brand new Policy System, allowing for dynamic PoE delivery for example.

It has been further optimised for large networks (in excess of 10’000 devices) and supports over 800 device types from 25 vendors now. Life-cycle management includes correlation with maintenance contracts and EoL information. Another example is the improved visibility of centrally managed fabric extenders (or leafs), with that you know how many ports are available in a particular rack.

The DB can be updated automatically coming from NeDi 1.4.300 or 1.5.038 beta. In fact NeDi is still under 4Mb in size and can be updated via browser within a few minutes!

For all NeDi 1.4 users, patch5 is available in the Download section now. It addresses some minor bugs and enhances a number of features.

Has it been a year already?

Yes indeed, I’ve quit my job and founded NeDi Consulting exactly one year ago! It’s been a great experience so far and I’m curious as to what the future may bring…

The decision was made to keep NeDi free in it’s current form and offer a paid subscription for those who want the latest version or prefer official support. See the download page for more information.

The upcoming version has been further optimized for large networks and is much more customizable. This is due to customer projects requiring provisioning of unconfigured switches or discovering the topology of more than 9000 devices. New host identification features and callout functions will make NeDi more flexible than ever before…

NeDi can also be purchased with commercial products from official partners. I’m also interested in a growing ecosystem with partners, who only sell services around NeDi (contact me, if you want to become a partner).

I’ll start a Google Hangout series for the true “NeDi-knights” (or NeDi-nerds). Keep an eye on the Google+ page…

Last but not least, I’m in the process of updating the user area. All customers who subscribed for 2015 will get the new password in the coming days.

A big “Thank You” to everybody!

NeDi officially at CeBIT


I’ll be at the CeBit from 17. through 19. of March. Got the newest NeDi 1.5 development with me and will gladly discuss any requests, ideas and plans you might have with NeDi. Contact me for tickets, in case you want to stop by…

Schedule: I’ll be at the booth myself Tuesday and Wednesday (colleagues from Sector-Nord will cover me). In addition I’ll be giving a presentation over at the Wuerth-Phoenix booth on Wednesday 14:00.



Vom 17. – 19.3. werde ich mit einem eigenen Stand an der CeBIT vertreten sein. Die aktuellste NeDi 1.5 kann dann bereits getestet werden. Gerne besprechen wir ihre Wünsche, Ideen und Pläne die sie mit NeDi haben. Kontaktieren sie mich um  tickets zu erhalten…

Zeitplan: Ich werde am Dienstag und Mittwoch am Stand sein (Die Kollegen von Sector-Nord decken die übrige Zeit ab). Am Mittwoch um 14:00 gebe ich beim Wuerth-Phoenix Stand noch eine Präsentation

NeDi 1.4 Public Release

AnnouncementI’m very excited to announce the public release of NeDi 1.4 today! It features multiple-IPs per MAC address on nodes, html5 compliance and many other improvements. Head over to the download section and get it now. Please apply the patch as well to fix some minor bugs and add API functionality.

In case you’re wondering about 1.1 – Due to many enhancements and major back-end rework, I went directly for 1.4, which also matches the year of the original release (2014).

But wait there’s more! A new module called Layer map can be found towards the bottom of the download section. It allows drawing maps like this:layermap

NeDi Customers will find nedi-1.5-038 beta as well as some new alarm sounds, in case they don’t like the existing ones…

Happy 2015

AnnouncementHope you all enjoyed the holidays and slipped elegantly into the new year!

2014 has been a very successful year for NeDi. Not only did the start of my company go extremely well, but I also had plenty of time to work on NeDi itself!

The 1st step was NeDi 1.4, which has been released to paying customers already. It will be available to the general public sometimes this spring…

Right now I’m working on NeDi 1.5 with many new features and enhancements! The GUI received a major rework (e.g. for HTML5 compliance) as well as an updated context help system.

A beta will be available in the customer area, as soon as I have it ready for testing. A 64-bit NeDiO ISO/VM is waiting in the starting blocks as well…

So, you see why I’m excited to start this year and wish you all the best in doing the same :-)

NeDi 1.4 Released


NeDi 1.4 is out the door! Customers who’ve paid the annual discovery contribution or used my consulting services will receive it first. I’ll provide more frequent updates in addition, to ensure the best possible NeDi experience.

But don’t worry, this version will be available to the public at a later stage as I intend to keep NeDi opensource and free…

In case you’re wondering about 1.1 thru 1.3, I’ve changed so many things to make it worth skipping to a figure matching the year. I expect 1.5 in 2015 and so forth…

Check out some screenshots here

NeDi on the Road


I got much busier than expected in the first months of my consulting endeavor. Of course this is a good thing and I appreciate all the interest and support!

Now it’s time to let the world know, where NeDi has come to. I’ll be talking about the development, new features and where it’s going on a number of occasions in Switzerland and Germany:

NeDi 1.1 Beta

monset Development is moving along and I’m able to provide a beta version for the early adopters among you. It’s available on the Download page and simply be updated via System-Files. Either initialize the DB or follow the steps on the bottom of the Readme.txt to adjust your current DB scheme. I wouldn’t recommend using this version in production just yet, though. The HTML5 rework is still in progress and new features will be added, but it should give you a good first impression. Speaking of impressions, have a look at the updated gallery on the bottom of the GUI page

San Francisco, SDN & Monitoring

Being in San Francisco is great! I met a lot of interesting people already and got to spend quality time with the guys from Groundwork!

We’re going to have a webinar this Thursday at 11:30am PST (20:30 MET) around SDN and what it means for monitoring.

You’re welcome to participate (Link to replay on G+). Just sign up using the form to the right, if you’re interested!

Spring Forward

Announcement I did mention that big announcement, so here it is:

I took the leap and became a freelancer! Besides the spring header, you’ll notice the Services menu on the top! This is a big step for me and NeDi and I’m determined to make NeDi more professional than ever before!

The start went extremely well and I’m going to be in San Francisco soon for the first official project overseas!

findit-button Last but not least, I did have time to work on NeDi itself as well. The next release should be ready soon and greatly improve the user experience. As its slogan suggest it finds your IT, right? Well here’s the searchbox for it…