NeDi Consulting Phase 2

After the successful NeDi 1.5 introduction, the first patch has been released, while the sixt patch for NeDi 1.4 is available as well. Both address some minor bugs and a security issue. I’ve also created a tutorial to show you what NeDi 1.5 is about. Check it out, if you haven’t seen it already: And[…]


NeDi 1.5 Released

Finally, paying customers can download NeDi 1.5.225 now. This is another milestone in the evolution of NeDi! Introducing a brand new Policy System, allowing for dynamic PoE delivery for example. It has been further optimised for large networks (in excess of 10’000 devices) and supports over 800 device types from 25 vendors now. Life-cycle management includes[…]


Has it been a year already?

Yes indeed, I’ve quit my job and founded NeDi Consulting exactly one year ago! It’s been a great experience so far and I’m curious as to what the future may bring… The decision was made to keep NeDi free in it’s current form and offer a paid subscription for those who want the latest version[…]


NeDi officially at CeBIT

English I’ll be at the CeBit from 17. through 19. of March. Got the newest NeDi 1.5 development with me and will gladly discuss any requests, ideas and plans you might have with NeDi. Contact me for tickets, in case you want to stop by… Schedule: I’ll be at the booth myself Tuesday and Wednesday (colleagues from Sector-Nord will cover[…]