End of Year Update

Oscar from www.sakerhetskontoret.com, informed me about some vulnerabilities in the NeDi frontend. It’s not the first time this happened, but indeed he found some issues others didn’t! Therefore I’ve decided to release patch3 not only for NeDi 1.8, but also for the community edition of 1.7. Download that ptc file and update with System-Files. Takes 5[…]

Fall Update

I’ll be presenting news around NeDi and it’s traffic analysis later this month in Bern, you can still sign up… Coincidentally NeDi 1.6 (the 1st release featuring traffic analysis) is available in the Download section now. Even better, I’ve created an install script performing the complete setup for you on an Ubuntu system. But wait,[…]

The end is near!

Well, at least the one of 2016 is, and it’s been a very good year! I’ve been really busy with customer projects and adding new features to NeDi. Watch my OSMC presentation for more details. It’s just amazing to see how the interest in NeDi grows and how customers are putting it to use. I want to[…]